Saturday, 29 October 2011

Our photo shoot !

The AYV students went for a photo shoot whereby they took photos for their media making process.These are the raw photos that they shot.These will be edited for the final projects
                                Planting more trees is one way of combating climate change
                                 Charcoal burning contributes to climate change
 Some of the water harvesting efforts being put into place to harvest water in effort to adapt to climate change
 A water storage tank for  the harvested water
                Idle youth due to joblessness.This is one of the factors contributing to high  poverty levels
                               Poor  infrastructure is one of the factors contributing to high poverty levels


  1. These are very insightful pictures. What kind of camera were your students using?

  2. Hi adhesq,

    Thanks for the comment.The students were using a Sony digital camera.