Monday, 26 November 2012

Adobe Youth Voices…the second year running!

30 pupils from Mutomo Primary School will be this year’s beneficiaries of the Adobe Youth Voices program being implemented through Mutomo Maarifa Centre.

During this period, the 13-18 years old youth will be trained on using  technology to explore and express their perspectives on issues impacting them and their communities.

This year’s program dubbed ‘YOUTH SPEAK’ will focus on issues of child labor,gender inequality,career choice and Drug abuse.

The trainees are expected to gain the following skills; General ICT (computer knowledge), Photography and photo editing skills,video shooting and video editing skills,brainstorming skills, teamwork.discussion and critical review skills.At the end of the training, the pupils will come up with at least five (5 ) final projects which will be exhibited locally and will also be displayed in the Adobe Youth Voices Global Gallery.

Here are the photos taken during the program initial training sessions.Keep watching this space for more progressive photos and training insights!