Wednesday, 23 November 2011

This is our experience..youth talk

St Patrick's students successfully completed their Adobe Youth Voices training.During the conclusion of the training the educator facilitated an experience sharing session with the students.During this session,students expressed their joy at completion of the training.

Amos willy had this to say ''Through the training,I have been able to gain computer operation skills'' he added that he now possesses photo editing skills such as photo cropping,.His sentiments were echoed by Catherine Mwende who praised the educator for the photo editing training  as she could now type text into a photo and combine two or more photos.

Mwende Mwanduka was grateful that she could re size an image, while Tonny Victor was proud of Photo shooting ,zooming and framing a shot .
On his side,David Mwanjoyo was glad to have learnt brainstorming and how to make a story board  while Mutisya Nzumu was happy that he  was now able to operate a camera comfortably.

All the students had plans to take their knowledge a bit further in future and learn more on photography for it had been an exciting opportunity for them.They thanked AYV and ALIN for providing them with this unique opportunity

They also implored the educator to take the training further and train them on video shooting and editing so that they could make a video on their experiences..

AYV students who submitted their final projects
Standing L -R:Mwende Mwanduka,Mutisya Nzumu,David Mwajoyo and Amos Willy.
Squatting L-R: Grace Mathano ,Tonny Victor and Catherine Mwende

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